Reupholstered Chairs Seats

Sep 13th

Reupholstered chairs seats of your dining room is the most likely to wear and show their age. If you want to solve some worn seats or just want to redecorate your room, consider reupholstering the seats chair.

Reupholstered Chairs Wingback
Reupholstered Chairs Wingback

The first step to reupholstered chairs is gather materials. Then remove the chair seat, seat cover, foam, and fabric. Cut the foam and fabric. The fabric of the seat must be cut so that there is an overlap of two inches on each side.

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Place the foam and fabric. Fix the foam on top of the seat. Place the fabric on a flat surface so that the unfinished side is facing upwards. Place the chair seat on top of the fabric so that it is centered. Fold one side of the fabric over the seat so that it overlaps on the bottom of the seat.

Wrap the bottom of the seat and secured with staples. Repeat with the front and back of the fabric of the seat. Replace the seat of the chair.

Add any finishing coat. Some chairs are covered by warranty finish nails by hand or other embellishments to add these ornaments as the final step of the process of reupholstered chairs.