How to Change the Upholstering a Chair

Sep 2nd

Upholstering a chair – Remove the old finish and add a new to their favorite chairs can give them a new life. Restofar is also a great way to combine old chairs with a new room. Methods for reestofar depend somewhat on the type of chair.

We often have no money left to make that reform. But you do not have to change a lot to give a new look to your home. Sometimes only a detail already makes all the difference.

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How to change the upholstering a chair of your dining room chairs, living or kitchen, you will need: screwdriver, scissors to cut the fabric, the new tissue (the default size of the tissues needed to upholster a chair is 40 x 40 cm, but this measure may vary by size of the chairs, so we need to make sure before spending our rich buck), stapler manual upholsterer, clip for this type of stapler, tape measure or ruler large.

Upholstering a chair made ​​of various colors as the fabric. The fabric will determine the style of decoration, so it’s important to choose well and take into consideration aspects of their daily lives. If you have pets or children, for example, prefer to use small weave fabrics, waterproof and easy to clean.